Our mission is:

To support member businesses by advocating their interests and negotiating outcomes with the AMP Group

What we do:

  • Provide opportunities for members to express their views to ARA Directors, Committee members and General Manager.

  • Communicate member views to senior management of the AMP group on a regular basis.
  • Negotiate adviser terms with the AMP group.
  • Ensure that procedures exist for advisers to sell their businesses.
  • Keep members informed of relevant information that impacts their businesses.
  • Provide assistance to members in resolving disputes with the AMP group.


The Authorised Representatives’ Association Limited (ARA) is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to represent the views of Authorised Representatives that maintain a business relation with the AMP group of companies.

The ARA is managed by a Board of Directors elected by members and is responsible for representing members’ views in regular discussions with senior management of the AMP Group. All members have direct access to their State Director to provide their views on issues that are impacting their business. The ARA Board creates and monitors the performance of committees that deal with AMP management on a range of specific issues. Delegates to these committees are appointed from the membership.

Further support is provided by a small Secretariat, including a General Manager who deals directly with AMP on member issues.

Authorised Representatives' Association Ltd, ACN 008 273 410, Level 8 805/220 Collins Street Mebourne Vic 3000 .

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